Monday, 4 February 2013

New office location

The BIG Consultant has now moved to Rotherham Town Centre, and opened up a new office at:-

One Minster Churchyard
32a High Street
S60 1PP

Its a nice place, and next door to Snafu to the left and with All Saints Church to the rear. 

From the front, on the main High Street you will see the small white building towards the and wedged between the Snafu club on the left and Hamby's gifts on the right. 

Behind, you can see the Minster. Parking is easy, and there are parking spaces at outside the Town Hall at the top of Moorgate Street, and also on Moorgate Street itself, where there is also disabled parking available towards the bottom of the street (and across from the Corn Law Rhymer pub). 

There is also good parking near Tesco's on Domine Lane which is reached by heading to the Tesco Bridge, on 'Forge Island' but turning right into Domine Lance and you will see the Old Imperial Buildings on Corporation Street. We are located just beyond these, and in the rear gardens of the All Saints Church you will find our entrance at the rear of the building through the left hand door (shown below).

The new office number is 01709 321499 and my mobile of course, is as always 07879 498079

The email is the same as always

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Product Design Specification

It is very important at the early stages of your design, to pin down and write up a clear Product Design Specification.

A good product specification, will save you development costs and time. Plus will ensure that your chosen supplier can meet or exceed your needs. I have written a template that explains some of the concepts, and also is useful to batten down ideas into a concrete plan.

You can download the instructions and Product Design Specification template here and use it right away!

Especially useful for planning, and I recommend for obtaining accurate quotes and leadtimes for product, concept or prototype delivery.

Instructions are on the right hand side of the sheet. And there is plenty of further reading on this subject either on the internet, or by obtaining this book on developing new products that I highly recommend.

Good luck in your aims, to get specifically what you want. At the price, timescale and quality you want.

John Biddleston

Monday, 14 May 2012

New Product for BioAMD Ltd

BioAMD Ltd asked The BIG Consultant to design a consumer product for medical high street retail. Here is a presentation from the 3D CAD data, used to demonstrate the product prior to commercial manufacture.

We use SolidWorks and also SolidEdge 3D CAD CAM to design and realise new product concepts. Prototypes can be produced as physical, tactile and working models. In this case a range of "Soft Tools" were created to cast a number of injection-mold-like facsimiles which were built with the working electronics and software to drive the product. Please email for more information

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How to make and use an NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement ) and Copyright

This is No1 for inventors, small businesses and start-ups with a new product or service idea, that is worth money. You NEED to start using an NDA  ( Non Disclosure Agreement ) . Right now!

Please find here my Non Disclosure Agreement , which you can re-write as you wish, and add your details in as the disclosee. The file is attached in MS Word format.

Alternatively, feel free to use a Government Official version of a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Heres how it works:-
1. In the bits I have highlighted yellow, put in your details. You are the disclosee.
2. Print out 2 copies for every person that you meet, and disclose the ideas to.
3. You and the person you meet both sign a copy of each. You keep one copy, and they keep the other.
4. Do not disclose until / or unless they sign.
5. Explain to them, that this is required, by law to ensure that the design is patentable and protectable. It has to be non-publicly disclosed, and this document ensures that legally, its is not public disclosure, but is a trade secret.
6. This document, proves who you have spoken with, and is dated. Also, its an agreement not to disclose the idea without your permission.  It is VERY important, should you require patent protection later, and you may well need this, in a competitive situation once product(s) are launched.
7. Please take this seriously, and keep a copy or folder with all the records and contacts that you have disclosed to from now on.

Please take the NDA seriously. Big companies are incapable of coming up with good ideas for themselves. Its up to us, the little guys, to give it to them. But do be cautious with having a game plan, which you clearly are developing, keeping a tight ship, and understand the law.

In legal terms, you hold "prior-art" hopefully, and if its a goer, then we can not only build you working prototypes, but also draught and file any registered design rights, patent applications, design drawings etc etc.

Make sure that you also mark any drawings you show as Copyright ...

It sounds daft, but it will take you very little effort, to mark any drawings or sketches you show with © Your Name 2012. And you would be surprised how much legal protection it gives you. Dont question it, just take my work for it.

Generally, copyright lasts for the lifetime of the 'author' plus 70 years. Copyright is extended automatically to all Berne Copyright Convention countries. Copyright protection is also extended automatically to all Universal Copyright Convention countries provided that the standard UCC copyright notice is placed on the article or design. The notice should consist of three elements, namely, the symbol © which is the capital letter C contained within a circle, the name of the copyright owner and then the year of first publication of the work (e.g. © Your Name 2012). Also adding "Any unauthorised copying or reproduction is prohibited" would be a good idea on any drawings, followed by "Copyright and Design Rights subsist in these drawings or articles shown".

That file to download again  NDA Agreement  in editable MS Word format.

Very simple to do. No cost. But very very important.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Searching for Prior Art for Inventors or Businesses with a product idea

I talked recently about Business Plans. Indeed, if you are (a) an inventor, or (b) have a great new business idea (which are really both the same thing are'nt they?) then you will at some point need to know about "Prior Art".

What is Prior Art and why is it so important?

Well, there are several reasons.
- You cant patent or have a patent application for an idea that has already been done, can you! ... So you must investigate the prior art. This is a legal term in patents and in new products that is defined as:-

"Prior art is all information that has been disclosed to the public in any form about an invention before a given date. Prior art includes things like any patents related to your invention, any published articles about your invention, and any public demonstrations."

Now, note the words above "information that has been disclosed to the public" and again, I will make a BIG point that you as an inventor or start up business with a new product must heed. That is the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) ... If you dont know what this is, then find out right now. As by "publicly disclosing" i.e. showing your idea to anyone, without asking them to sign an NDA, you will not be able to enforce any patent!! Scary, yes!

But here we are talking about Prior Art, and why you should search for it. The second BIG reason is:-

- You need to know if someone has thought of your idea before! You know, there might have been a good chance that they have. So save yourself time and expense by finding out as one of your very first steps

How is this done? Well its easy, and there are several ways. One is free, and the others are going to cost you money. Now later on, you might certainly require professional services, to ensure that you have not missed anything (using the benefit of paid experience).

However, you can do this yourself. And this is the way that I would recommend to start. Your time costs less, and it is not as hard as you might think.

A. Speak to Ged Doonan at the Leeds Central Library. They have access to the entire patent database, and Ged has helped me to do this essential search for free when I was looking into my own invention many years ago. And Leeds Central Library has an extensive search facility for Prior Art, and excellent support facilities and staff. Please look into this on the following link for all your Prior Art searching needs. I cant recommend them enough! Very knowledgeable and helpful!

B. There is a free online service run by the IPO called GB Esp@cenet
and this is usable in your web browser. You can do a complete "Prior Art" search for free using Keywords. Its free, run by the IPO and has had several improvements recently, that make it quite competitive and thorough. I might write a more detailed blog entry about this soon. But for now if you are stuck, then I would recommend that many libraries now in the UK have this search in their Business section, and can aid you to complete quite a thorough search! - However, please also do try Esp@cenet

Way down the line in the future, I might consider spending some money but right now, its best to do as much as possible yourself.

Get this information into your Business Plan, make sure you buy and read Build a Better Mousetrap: The Business of Invention and be prepared to research to discover if you are onto a winner. One final work of warning though, that just because you have an idea that has never been done before, this does not mean someone will want to buy it. Later in your Business Plan you will need to start researching and discovering more about your potential market!

But for now, get looking into Prior Art. You wont regret it!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Sheffield Inventors Club Presentation

Also, here is a copy for download of the Sheffield Inventors Club Presentation.

The file is a huuggee download at 30MB, as it contains a lot of images and I had not originally planned it for general release. However you can download the Zipped Folder with the PowerPoint and Video here on this link

You will need to extract all to a single folder on your PC computer, and run the PowerPoint. If you dont have MS Office installed, then you can email me on , and I will send the presentation as a PDF.

Kind regards,
John Biddleston

Business Plan for New Product Development

At my presentation to the Sheffield Inventors Club recently, I highlighted the STRONG importance of having a Business Plan in place.

Any company, start-up or individual, will need a Business Plan if wanting to work in the "Business of Invention" ... See this guide here for more details

And a Business it is!

I am making available a Business Plan template, with instructions included on there specifically designed for New Product Development (NPD).

You can download this business plan template here on this link

For any method of taking your idea forwards, whether, licence, self manufacture, Ltd Company, royalty etc etc, you need to have a plan in place, to help ensure you dont make mistakes in your strategy!

The plan I have posted here, is very similar to ones used internally within larger companies. And we call this a Strategic Product Plan, or sometimes a Strategic Marketing Plan.

Use it, and dont lose it! As I said at the presentation "If you were to play football with Eric Cantona. You would likely get lose, as you dont have the same skills ... and probably 'kicked in the face' in no particular order!" ....

... Well business is the same. If you are going into the boardroom, then the advantage you can have on your side is planning planning and more planning. You need to plan for all eventuallities, if you want to play on a level playing field.

So, plan what is said, the process, the numbers (sales forecast etc), the IP strategy, and every eventuality. Even better, this plan is the 'key' to unlock funding and Venture Capital.

Please dont hesitate to contact me, if you have any problems using the plan. I am happy to help, and I have been through the mill myself, just as you are about to! So, I can help you prep or organise meetings that will get the sale. My email is

The plan again is available for download here

A well planned strategy, is without doubt the 'key to success'. And will definitely get you a better deal and outcome. Dont forget to also visit

Thanks for now,
John Biddleston

Friday, 4 November 2011

Sheffield Inventors Club

I have been invited to present at a popular Inventors Club in Sheffield at the Central Library, where I will be presenting and answering questions relating to developing new products, and most importantly the process of taking a design from the drawing board to production!

Please find the flyer here. Entry is free, and you can turn up on the day and register with reception.

If you require more details, you can contact Lynne Hinchcliffe who runs the club monthly a at the library via email at , or myself at for further details. The libraries telephone number to discuss meetings of the club and this event is on 0114 273 4736

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Educational Toy Product Design

A product that I am very proud to have designed, and which is currently in production and sale in USA, Europe and Australia, has now had a product video review by Inclusive Technology

I am hoping to develop further products for special educational needs, and as some of you might already know, this has been of great interest to me since 2001 where I first embarked on developing learning toys for younger learners with disabilities!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Comment 41 inShare360 13-Year-Old Designs Efficient Solar Array Inspired By Oak Trees

I had to re-blog this, as it's an amazing (if true) story:-

"When it comes to renewable energy solutions, sometimes nature has the best ideas. That was 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer’s conclusion after a wintry hike in New York’s Catskill Mountains, a trip that inspired him to build a unique and effective solar array design."

"Dwyer observed patterns in the trees and, after further research and contemplation, realized the branches matched up with the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical pattern found throughout nature, such as in falcon flight paths, nautilus shells and ratios within the human body."

"Dwyer speculated that this pattern aided the trees in photosynthesis and tested his hypothesis by building a miniature tree-shaped solar array. The project won him a 2011 Young Naturalist Award from the American Museum of Natural History.

The 7th grader describes his experiments in a detailed essay:

I designed and built my own test model, copying the Fibonacci pattern of an oak tree. I studied my results with the compass tool and figured out the branch angles. The pattern was about 137 degrees and the Fibonacci sequence was 2/5. Then I built a model using this pattern from PVC tubing. In place of leaves, I used PV solar panels hooked up in series that produced up to 1/2 volt, so the peak output of the model was 5 volts. The entire design copied the pattern of an oak tree as closely as possible.

The design generated up to 50% more power than the model of a traditional solar installation during periods of low sunlight. The individual solar panels’ various angles help the array capture light even when the sun is very low in the sky. And, since they don’t lie flat, many of the panels are also less affected by shade and snow.

At this point, Dwyer’s design a backyard experiment, but perhaps in the future we’ll see roof gardens planted with solar tree arrays. "


Friday, 15 July 2011

Breeze Block Sculpture

As you should know by now, at The BIG Consultant, we take learning seriously. We strongly believe that learning to be creative and teaching creativity benefits us all. Therefore we are developing and running a series of courses aimed at schools, youth clubs and indeed for all learners to undertake fun design tasks.

Breezeblock sculptures utilise traditional stone masonry techniques on light-weight aerated concrete blocks (breezeblocks). Unlike traditional stone, the blocks are soft and easy to carve making them an ideal medium for young peoples first sculptural experiences.

Please contact us for more information at and more details here to download sculpting activities fact sheet.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Designer Silvia Bianco

The BIG Consultant is very proud to announce our new designer, Silvia Bianco, who as a fantastic and highly creative professional, will be bringing a little Italian design flair to our customers designs!!

-People look at the things, and they say:“Why?” A Designer dreams things that never exist,and says:“Why not?”- She says;

"Art and design have always been my passion (ask my parents) since I was little I continue to draw and invent new things. I have always work to make others understand the importance of creativity in everyday life.

My experience as a Designer started in Italy where I did first an Art School and than a Laurea ( 5 years : BA + specialization) in graphic and product design at the University of Venice IUAV Art and Design Department .

While studying I always work as a designer for two company : LAICA and Emmedisplay. There I worked as a healthcare product designer, as a graphic- brand designer and as a display and shop designer. During the University I also worked in some research project with some important designer like Riccardo Blumer and Michele De Lucchi. One of my work was also exhibited at the SALONE DEL MOBILE in Milan last year for Alias Design.

When I finish to study I decided with my boyfriend to move to Sheffield and now we are stable here. The first time was really hard for me to start something because I was a stranger in a new place but with all my passion and with hard work I can say that I’m now happy about our choice."

I am glad to say that Silva has decided to stay, and join the ranks of the BIG Consultant. Right away, she has been involved with our current client developing an innovative and highly marketable medical device, which we hope will be in the high street soon! And brings a refreshing deign angle and world class design experience to The BIG Consultant, which as you know is "the little company with the BIG ideas"

Friday, 27 May 2011

All watched over by machines of loving grace!

OK, this is not a strictly design related post, or is it? However, if you have not seen Adam Curtis's documentary ALL WATCHED OVER BY MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE you should really do so! Fascinating, challenging, and fun to watch too. Heres a clip

It really makes you think, what is behind the design explosion. I have to say that I am not a follower of Ayn Rand by the way. I am more of a Buckminster Fuller if anything!! Watch this!
The full version is on BBC Iplayer here or on Youtube here

His other films are here if you want more!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Renewable energy and efficiency

I went with a colleague to Sustainabilitylive! 2011 on Weds 25th May, and the exhibition covers all renewable energies. Something which I am very interested in.

I have to be honest, that I was rather disappointed to see a lack of innovative products from Britain, in the show, although I am very sure there are some extremely forward thinking companies in the UK. Something seems to stop us from taking the technology lead to the forefront. In the main exhibition, the only product I got really exited about was unfortunately German! A great idea to increase the the efficiency of impellers, and very much borrowed from nature. Makes the machine run silent too, and is designed for air-conditioning on the outside of buildings.

The UKTI were a different matter however. I was very very impressed with their forward-thinking, and clearly on the button of what is needed for business. But it looks like the Government unfortunately is always a step behind? So perhaps this is a side effect of BIG government? There are currently too many stages between ideas and success. Lets hope that we don't miss out on the next upcoming technologies... After meeting with the Chinese deligation, I know that they have a "5 year plan" and these people don't just make cheap products, they plan ahead and are on to it now in a big way. Lets take the lead, as the technologists are here in the UK, and surely we are not going to give the game away on the next big thing. Energy saving products.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Inventors Guide

I get a lot of enquiries from inventors, and unless they have learned the heard way, they are often a little "wet behind the ears" when it comes to understanding the dangerous market that they are heading into.

This is no reason to give up, but be warned that you can fall easily at the first hurdle, if you are not prepared to understand how this market operates.

It is good to get legal advice, and you can often get an hour for free through Legal Aid. But for now, there is this...

I cannot recommend this Invention Guide enough. The website is an excellent resource from a seasoned inventor, and the book by Peter Bissell, is one that I reccomend to many many new clients.

A Better Mousetrap is practical, plain-speaking and readable. It treats invention as a business activity that demands a professional and well-planned, strategic approach. It tells you how to:

avoid mistakes
limit your risk at every stage
stay in control.

And for only £12 this invaluable book is everything you need to understand IP, how to deal with companies, the development process, and marketing. You should consider putting this on your reading list. It could save you a fortune!

Moreover, the clue to the reason that this book is so great, is in the title "The Business of Invention". This book is easy to read, and is written by a seasoned inventor who has made all the mistakes that you really don't want to. Knowledge is power, so buy it today!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New funding scheme to support innovative small companies - Starts April 2011


I have just created a mailing list with people I know that are interested in developing new products. If you want to be included, just email me at

I created the list I created today. I thought it would be easier and quicker to send any useful info that I come across and share it.

As you may or may no know, I am no big fan of Government backed funding schemes. They often end up being intensive on the old paperwork, and you often get sidelined to advisers who in my opinion have very little experience of product development.

However, I did think that this link was of interest. The blurb says

"Managed by the Technology Strategy Board, the Grant for Research and Development scheme, which comes into effect from 4 April 2011, will support small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) across the UK that want to carry out research and development generating new and innovative products and services. The new scheme supersedes the Grant for R&D scheme previously managed by England’s regional development agencies and will have similar objectives."

And the direct link is here

I have not researched this link fully yet, and there is as we know a hold on Business Link for funding new ideas. However, I do know that government grants will be available, even with the cuts. But these will likely be subject to strict financials being provided.

Please direct any enquires via my email

Kind regards,
John Biddleston

The BIG Consultant John Biddleston MDes BSc LCG By Phone:- +44 (0) 7879 498079 Email:- "The little company with the BIG ideas"

Smooth Talker product launch

The BIG Consultant is pleased to announce the launch of a new product "Smooth Talker" this month.

Designed for Special Needs (SEN) and with a modern and stylish design SMOOTH TALKER is the most versatile, single and sequential message, Communicator currently on the market.

I am pleased to see that there is already a review of this product here in which is is clear that consumers, in this case for Special Needs, are very happy with at least 2 of the new products features, which we researched and created for this market with our customer.

The product is now widely available for sale at a guide price of £109 in the UK and is also being distributed in Europe, USA and Australasia

For more product details or availability see Inclusive Technology

For all other enquiries please see

Monday, 12 July 2010

Patent Search Online

As you may already know, the best free online Parent Search for "Prior Art" is at

Previously it was locked down to prevent certain keyword searches only available to patent companies and lawyers. Now the service is vastly improved and I recommend that you try it!

Prior Art search is essential before even considering a Patent, or Patent Application!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Chinese way of working has almost defeated one British entrepreneur, writes Malcolm Moore in Wuxi

This is a very funny story of a British entrepreneur determined to make his fortune by manufacturing high-end electric scooters in China and importing them to Britain.

Read this very amusing and colourful true story here about manufacturing in China , and you'll get a clear picture of how this advanced manufacturing nation operates!!

The moral of the story. Get your product manufactured and made by companies that care, and havea reputation to uphold... Preferably English speaking too. Making products in China is laughably prone to errors, and there are a whole host of companies that profess to help you to do this. Trust me, there are better ways!!

How to protect your invention for FREE

I get a lot of emails from inventors, and here is a recent example. Luckily this 15 year old inventor was switched on and asked me the right questions

Sent: 09 June 2010 18:30
Subject: Feedback Form

I am 15 years old and have an idea which I believe will dominate both the [removed for protection] and in [removed for protection] markets.

I would like to know three things however before I disclose details of my idea; 1/do you offer advise on the viability of designs, 2/ do i need my idea to be protected before I disclose details of it to yourselves and 3/ do you have the resources to produce on a large scale as well as prototyping.

I eagerly await your response.

Elliot Bell

My response:-

Hi Elliot,

Thank you got your interesting email.

You certainly have a job on your hands if your idea is as good as you have outlined. However, you have correctly identified three very important questions and in answering them I will stress to you that you should seek to carefully protect your idea, be wary of advice you are given and make your own decisions very carefully.

To answer your questions:-

1. do you offer advise on the viability of designs,

I can look at your design and give you my honest opinion, based upon manufacturing and sales knowledge. However, you should not disclose your design to any party until you have a printed and signed Non-Disclosure Agreement. This should be signed by both parties, and this will protect your idea. You should have your own, and I’ll provide you with details on how to obtain this.

2. do i need my idea to be protected before I disclose details of it to yourselves.

Yes yes yes. But be careful. There are low cost and simple ways to protect your design which your should consider first.

Your first step should be to contact the Intellectual Property Office, or IPO. This is a government organisation that manages legal protection of ideas and there are several methods by which you should protect your design – see this page for more info and call them if you need to.

Please be aware that

i. some companies thrive on taking peoples ideas away from them.

ii. some lawyers want you to spend lots of money on patents too early.

iii. You should research all this information yourself carefully, and double check the advice.

iv. Ideally you should develop a “working knowledge” of how to protect you design. This is in stages, 1. By NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), 2. By post 3. Most importantly by patent application if your idea is good, (and other methods, see IPO website) 4. By full Patent Publication.

You should be safe to speak to me or others, after completing Step 2.


a. If you “publicly disclose” your idea, i.e. you show someone without the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) you may not be able to file a Patent in this country!!

b. If you disclose your design without an NDA agreement, someone may steal your idea! Patents offer more protection, but will cost £3,500 generally. Fortunately you can use other low cost ways to protect your design, for much less, for up to 12 months or more. This includes Registered Design Rights, Patent Applied For, and Trademarks. I would suggest that the best method right now is to make a copy of all your work or ideas, and post them by registered self addressed envelopes at your local Post Office to yourself. This gives a date, and leave them sealed!! This can then be used as evidence of your having the idea first. I have personally sign and sealed copies of my ideas and given them to professional people I trust, such as my accountant or family solicitor to keep in their safe.

c. You should read the information on the IPO Website, and especially the downloadable documents regarding “Patent Facts” and “Patents Essential Reading”. You should also be able to order a printed copy from them for free. I recommend that you have a NDA Agreement, that you and the receiving party sign and date. I can send you one of mine, or your could contact your local patent lawyers and ask them for one for free (if they are any good, and reasonable they should give you one). Also why not also ask for a free 1 hour consultation, if they are registered to give “Legal Aid”. Also, I recommend that you have posted your design to yourself, and I should say that you are protected enough to discuss your idea with a 3rd party.

3. do you have the resources to produce on a large scale as well as prototyping.

I work with a range of companies to deliver services, and there are a range of options available to you in order to undertake production. All have risks, levels of commitment and potential for varying financial reward. Typically the least risky will yield the lowest reward, and this would be to licence your developed and protected (step 4) product idea to a 3rd party manufacturer. The second way would be to set up a Ltd company, to own the IP and to create ‘shares’ in this to cover the costs of development (as the cost of setting up a company is large), however, this company itself may have value and could provide a vehicle for greater profits and flexibility, but requires investment of work and careful management. Third would be to sell the protected and developed idea outright for a on-off sum, which would leave you within the money, as they say, but you would effectively have sold the intellectual property. In addition there are variations on these themes, including stepping up royalties in case of higher sales numbers.

Manufacturing typically takes place in a global market now, and as you may have seen in the news, Apple’s Ipod is not made by Apple Inc, but by a Chinese company called Foxcon. They also manufacture the Playstation! I can arrange for large scale manufacture as well as prototyping, but this involves more of a legal process, and your product must show the capacity to generate a “return on investment” i.e. it will be profitable to sell, and suitable in terms of investment of time, money and production of tooling. The simple answer is yes.

Please be careful of who you talk to regarding the idea, before you have made steps to protect yourself. Your design would not be worth anything, if for example, any company could just copy it. Also check your sources of information, and remember that even friendly looking organisations may be wishing to make a profit from you.

I do however recommend this book on the subject, and it really is the best that I have seen and covers all the details of patent laws, registering, designing, legal documents, marketing, and dealing with businesses . I do strongly suggest you purchase this, and it will even tell you how to mark your drawings so that they are copyrighted for example (another free protection).

If you do have any other questions, then please feel free to ask. And if you want me to appraise your idea, then I should look forward to seeing that you have taken the steps outlined (NDA, copies posted to self, drawings marked copyright etc).

I wish you the best of success in the meantime, and well done for asking the right questions.

Best regards,
John Biddleston

So the moral is, 1. Get an NDA which you can do for FREE is is invaluable 2. Seek to file Patent Applied for (you can write this yourself, and filing is FREE 3. Review IP such as copyright, trademarks and posting to yourself (which admittedly will cost you a stamp!!)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Guess what? I am NOT a ROBOT! (beep!)

As you might have gathered by now, I am a BIG fan of building robots. Building them, teaching about them and using the technologies in things like automation products. I heard this song on the radio...

And it reminded me that, Guess What, I'm not a robot. I think some R&R and holiday time is on order! I like the images embedded in this video, and makes you think what is possible in the future?

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Recycling Plant

The BIG Consultant has been contracted to help with the commissioning and planning proposal applications for a new recycling and gassification plant in a major northern city.

The client, has expressed an interest to move quickly, utilising private funding. Furthermore, rapid understanding, development and design changes are best made making heavy use of 3D engineering CAD.

These are early pictures, but the final proposal will be the most advanced and efficient recycling and power generation plant in the UK. Buyers from this grid, will be large band name companies, and even better, the waste to energy from established distribution networks will feed the plant. Free energy?? Yes please!!

I'm all for government investment, but sometimes private enterprise can move more quickly, and in this case provide benefits for the local economy, improved waste services, environmental benefits and jobs. A very worthwhile and profitable investment Indeed.

We are CON-DEM'ed !!!!

Hmmm, it seems we are waking up to a CON DEM government! My prediction, there will be some fireworks soon. A seep sizzling of resentment and suppressed ideas!!

As always, Steve Bell says it best. What an amazing political cartoonist.

You can find Steve Bell's "IF" cartoon clicking here and also the main daily cartoons like the above by clicking here

... I do wonder what is going to happen to all those bloated "Regional Development Agencies" and quango's floating around. There's a lot of waste going on in this part of the country, but as ever, will the changes promote successful business development and true innovation.

My comment, its really time for a new politics, and I don't think that the politicians have worked this out yet! There is a solution, but it may not be as obvious at the moment? Comments please!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Solid Smack!

Check out SolidSmack! What is SolidSmack?

"This is a very small behemoth of an online community about 3D CAD, technology, design, robots, and the occasional blast of intensely cool product design and technology. Updates on in the world of 3D, add a splash of business insight and web tech in the mix and there you have SolidSmack.

Get your 1000mg of Stat here!!!

It’s your daily multi-vitamin of coolness.

Thursday, 25 February 2010 Maker Faire Newcastle 2010: Makers

Im attending the Maker Faire in Newcastle on the 13th & 14th of March.

Its a weekend aevent and should prove to be a lot of fun, with some interesting things to see and people to meet.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Circuit Bent Furbies

Do you remember the Furbies. Early 90's annoying robots that you can't turn off?

Well its sweet sweet justice that someone has made a guide to dismantle and mess about with these creatures internals.

Circuit bending, is a really interesting activity, and well worth Googling! There are some amazing 'circuit bent' musical instruments for example!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Steve Jobs - Find what you love, and , Don't lose faith!

Innovation and inventing is a tough game, and many get disheartened. Its easy to do and a common story.

Why not listen to one of the worlds most sucessful innovators and his three product development stories!!


Sunday, 17 January 2010

ProtoType This - Fighting Robots

Prototype This is a great new programme on the Discovery Chanel which shows the entire process of developing a product design into a manufactable solution.

They do this by making a model quickly using Rapid Prototyping to discover if the product will work!! Check it out!

Rare self-rolling giant snow balls found in UK

Have a look at these babies!

"Also known as snowrollers, snow bales and snow doughnuts, they form mostly in unusual conditions created by a precise combination of snow, ice, wind, temperature and moisture on the prairies of North America.

But this week's frozen weather has allowed the snow cylinders to make a freak appearance in the UK."

[Via Derren Brown, via The Telegraph]

Where can you go to learn how to get your product to market?

Where can you go to learn how to get your product to market?

There are inventors clubs all over the country: Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham to name a few. But what do you find there?

To my mind there are elite groups of sharks, charatans and parasites that wish to take over your Intelectual Property. These rings are not unlike being passed from one adviser to another at Business Link.

All the time somebody is making a commission!! Ching ching.

My advice:-
1. Reasearch your market carefully.
2. The internet is your best friend. It never tells on you when you ask it questions regarding your product or invention.
3. Write a business plan!! - they dont tell you how to do this at the inventors clubs (",)
4. Make carefull notes and strategy on how to procede.

The business plan is the single most important aspect of any product related endeavour!!

You can download a free business plan template here

Monday, 21 December 2009

Jarvis Transport Division - 3D Animation Animation for Jarvis Transport Division - creativematch
3D Animations for Jarvis Transport Division by The BIG Consultant - Product Design

An animation of new products was required by Jarvis for trade shows and product presentation to customers prior to manufacture.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Rapid Tooling Yorkshire and Birmingham

The BIG Consultant was sked to undertake the training and product development for tooling components for the New MG Mini by a company near Birmingham. This allowed them to utilise rapid tooling techniques to shorten time to market, reduce costs, increase accuracy and most importantly access higher and more lucrative markets.

Phil Court, Managing Director of Court Engineering said “We wanted to produce the best for our client, MG Rover Cars, in order to tender other contracts". Onsite training was provided to staff in 3D techniques, shrinkage calculations and generating CNC data. The project was successful, and Court Tools are now onsite.

Website link Rapid Tooling & Prototyping for MG Mini - The BIG Consultant - Engineering Product Design Yorkshire

Monday, 14 December 2009

The BIG Consultant is a multi-disciplinary product design consultancy, based in Sheffield that provides

* Professional mechanical engineering services.

* Creative conceptual product design services.

* 3D CAD/CAM and engineering training.


Design Prototype Manufacture

With solid industry experience and professional credentials, you can be assured of quality and a first class service. – -

-Product Development - Rapid Prototyping - Injection Moulding, Sheet Metal and Casting design

-3d Animation and photo-realistic concept renderings - Finite Element Analysis FEA

-Mechanical Engineers - On-site or remote SolidWorks training.

Please email or call to discuss for product development, mechanical engineering or on 07879 498079

Serving Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Yorkshire, Hull, Humberside, Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, Wakefield, Derbyshire, Mansfield, Nottingham, Derby, Manchester, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, London and UK.